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Plants Experiment

Do Plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light

Sunlight is the where most plants and trees get energy from to make food in order to survive. We have come up with a new idea. We are wondering if the same plant will grow under an artificial light. This experiment will give us the answer.

1.) 2 of the same plants
2.) A lamp

Take your two plants and make sure they are the same type and that neither is dying or in better condition than the other. Take the first one ( Sample A) and label it with sunlight and label the other ( Sample B) with artificial light. Put the sunlight sample right on a windowsill where it can receive sunlight. Put the artificial light under the lamp in a room and turn it on a dusk and turn it off and dawn so that it receives the same amount of life as sample A. Water the plants each day and look at your results in 5 days and record them below.

Finally, Record and Analyze your Data.