Intermediate Projects
(Grades 7 - 8)



Fuels and their efficiency in producing energy. 

Musical instruments- the scientific principles behind them 

Music Versus Noise- difference

Pendulums- how can a period of a pendulum be increased? 

Air Pressure- Water Pressure

How do you establish "elevation from sea level"?

Gears- compare efficiencies, effect of different lubricants 

Solar Furnace

Lenses- effects of curvature, materials on light beams 

Can eggs withstand a greater force from one direction than from others? 

How strong are nylon fishing lines? 

How strong are plastic wraps? 

Which homemade airplane design flies best? 

What factors affect the bounce of a dropped ball? 

How do compression and tension make things strong? 

How strong is a toothpick? 

Which type of lawn sprinkler works best? 

Which type\size of light bulb produces the most light? 

How can the strength of light be measured?- the effect on degradable materials 

Which materials can be charged with static electricity? 

Which battery lasts the longest?- How can power be increased? 

What affects light reflection?- refraction and diffraction of light? 

Spectrum and color production- prisms

How is sound produced? What affects the pitch of sound?- What affects the volume of sound? - How would you measure the velocity of sound? 

Electric Motors- principles and factors effecting their efficiency

Electric Circuits- factors affecting voltage, amperage, resistance

Magnet Levitation- Experiment gravity defying effects of magnetism and build a Magnetic Levitating Train


Internal Combustion engines 

Insulation-best materials, thickness 

How is paint affected by temperature changes?- Elasticity of rubber; effect of glue. 

Use of solar energy- design and construct solar cookers, solar panels, etc. 

Designing a strong bridge

Determine the accuracy of various thermometers 

How much heat is required to raise the temperature of various substances by an equal amount? 


Sky Color- account for differences in color at different times 

Wind and Clouds- what are the common wind patterns in your area and why? Is cloud formation related to height, weather systems and temperature? Study and record how clouds relate to weather patterns. 

Wind-does wind travel at same speeds and in same directions at different heights? 

Evaporation- which effects the rate of evaporation most- temperature, humidity, wind speed or other factors? 

Heat Retention- does fresh water hold heat longer than salt water? How does water compare to land and what effect does this have on the weather? What factors affect the cooling of land? 

Sunlight- how do different surfaces affect the amount of sunlight reflected and absorbed? Design a method of measuring how much sunshine is available each day. 

Weather records- Design and build an automatic recording weather device. Test it over a period of time. 



Chemical reactions that produce energy or that require energy 

Testing of consumer products- glues, stain removers, antiseptics, mouthwash, detergents, paper towels

Compare the PH levels in mouths of various animals and humans at different times in the day 

Compare the surface tension of various liquids 

Dealing with chemical spills from industry

Effects of salt and other contaminants on rate of rusting 

Growing crystals- factors that affect the rate and the size 

Can you obtain water from ink, vinegar, milk? 

Analyze soil samples for their components, ability to hold moisture, fertility and PH 

Does the amount of particle pollution vary with distance from a road, with location, with height. Determine types of particles found in pollution fallout 

How do acids react with different metals under varying conditions 

Identify different metals by the color of flame when they burn 

Can you devise an experiment that will list metals in order of their activity, from the most potassium to the least active ore gold 

Electroplating- the principles, how different metals can be used and the practical applications 

How to make PH indicator using cabbage?

How Yogurt is made? Is it a chemical or biochemical reaction?

Effects of temperature on viscosity of oil

Making salt water potable, removal of pollutants 


Photosynthesis - factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis (temperature, light intensity, water, carbon dioxide)
- part of light spectrum used in photosynthesis 

Family studies on inheritance

Genetic Studies - connections between hair and eye color

Determine the effects of various nutrients on plant growth

How does the amount of water affect plant growth?

How does the hours of sunlight affect the plant growth?

How does the strength of weed killer affect the plant growth?

How does PH level affect the plant growth?

Can plants live without Carbon Dioxide?

Roots - how do different types of soils affect the ability of roots to anchor plants?

What conditions are favorable for: -fungus growth- E.G. yeast, mold, mildew diseases ?

What conditions are favorable for: bacteria growth or control?